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The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
23 July 2008 @ 10:55 pm
So here we are again, you and me.

Trying to update again.

Whats been going on?

Well, I have been to Canada with work (whoa! I know...), had some reflection on my current work situation, had the little one turn TWO (!!!!!) and realised that we are probably not going to have much of a summer.

Still not been to the Singing Ringing Tree (see below), perhaps we might crack that this year.

My bedding plants grew, grew and then grew some more. They blue and white ones flowered week before last. Very nice, but massive slug magnets. The Livingstone daisies are getting very big, but no flowers yet.

I have sown some primulas, blue violas, pansies and black violas. So lets see if these are such slug magnets and if I don't kill them off before I get them into the garden for the winter....

So thats it.

So, how the bloody hell are you??
The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
15 May 2008 @ 05:55 pm
Been a busy few weeks.

I have attempted to cultivate my garden by growing some indestructible seeds. However, the chili seeds I was sold don't seem to want to germinate and so they aren't doing so well. I have also sown som bedding plants so that I can have a nice display, something white and blue and the other Livingstones daisies, which are said to be indestructible (we will see).

Last weekend we sought out the lancashire panopticons, of which we found one here which was very nice, up a hill, very rural and very calming. seems we drove past the turning for the one near Burnley, but the map is truly shite. Download it from here and see for yourself. The Little Man tried to run off down the hill, thank god for the backpack with a lead, much better then reins.

Not much else to report, the warm weather means my garden looks normal as opposed to bog like, so the grass is beginning to knit back together. So its *almost* a carpet of green.

Hurrah! So it might be nice this weekend, it might not, seems everytime I check the BBC website they change their mind! Changeable, just like the bloody weather.... brilliant.... if it stays good we are going to see The Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley that we missed last week which, lets be blunt, looks amazzzzzzzzzzing

The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
10 March 2008 @ 11:39 am
So, I am going to make an effort to blog some more. Not because I expect people to read it, I am well aware my life is mundane and boring, but just really so that I have something to prompt my mind when I think about things I have done.

Now, I know thats all well and good, but a blog is only worth the effort you put in, so I am not suggesting that I am going to write reams and reams on mind dump, no that would be tedious. And boring. And not much use or fun for me to read over again.

OK. Last week we went to Valencia. Mainly because I was presenting at a conference, but also to have a family holiday and attempt to try a city break with the little man. It was lovely. Very nice, sunny, warm and orange heavy.

On March 8th, we went to see Gary Numan at the Manchester Academy. What a dump that place is, still has portaloos. They use large containers to corral people into the venue, its like arriving at a French rave. Bah Humbug. But more on that later, work is calling...
The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
05 January 2008 @ 12:25 pm
It's January.

How did that happen?

Been a v.busy few months, conference going, publication writing, researching, back on the eSEM, more GC, thinking about some MS, got to learn how to draw archaeological finds properly (although I STILL can't draw... photos are just my thing), spent all our funding (hurrah!! don't have to give it back), got accepted to speak to valencia, might be going further afield, smashed last years pupil contact targets, and now acting head of learning! 


Get all that?
The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
I do, more so this week than any other, maybe I need to chill out. Its the antibiotics in on for the tonsillitus, they are driving me cocoloco....

or maybe not.....

Little Man Update: Still thinks he can fly, tooth number 9 came through, hair borderline mullet
The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
12 July 2007 @ 09:17 pm
Hurrah! I got an essay back from this distance learning course in interpretation I am doing, and I did a HELL of a lot better than I thought I might. I feel slightly more at ease now plus add that to the fact we are now onto material culture and I'ma happy bunny, yes sireee!

So another year older.. boo hiss. The hubster decided to take me and the infant to Sheffield for the weekend. And how nice was that?! I do miss Sheffield at times, I liked the fact its all quite compact. But then again, 10yrs ago, that was my reason for leaving. I guess you cant win.

I did over hear the most amusing conversation in the pub however... I should point out it was a weatherspoons so kids allowed...

Dad - Right then, we are in the pub. Do you want a pint?
Kid - A pint? No dad I want a pint of stoat.
Dad - A pint of stoat. Whats that then?
Kid - Dad, its a type of beer.
Mum LOUDLY - you mean STOUT?
Kid - Yes, pint of stoat....

Excellent, although reading that back.. I do think you kinda needed to be there. Oh well, Ill never make it on the comedy circuit!
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The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
18 June 2007 @ 11:39 am
Well, another day another dollar.

Things are busy and the garden is finally beginning to resemble a garden and not a swamp. To fill you in, as our house is a new build the garden was of least concern to the builders. After we moved in and I started turning the ground over, I began to find infill about 7in down. To date I have pulled out countless bricks, pieces of plaster board and broken tools. All of this is compacted as the obviously used it to support machinery behind the houses. I still need to dig a french drain at the end (thats a drain filled with gravel) so that the two layers can drain, but now that the grass is taking and the borders are blooming, the plants are helping with the water uptake.

I was hoping it might be try enough to have a bbq on Sun as its The Kid's Bday on Sunday. Looks like we might all be indoors..... crap!

Anyway, have a good week or so, had 2 nights out now and a work friend can for dinner on Sat. The Hubster was trying out new curry recipes, which were delish, as were all the cocktails we drank.

Mum and Dad are coming up for the birthday bash, my sister is in Venice and the Brother hasnt got anytime off work to make it worthwhile coming up. Its not a problem, we will probably be in London for a flying visit the weekend after as my Granny is over from Belfast.

Just need to get the bday cake sorted now....
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The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
04 June 2007 @ 09:29 am
Not a happy bunny, I'm only bloody 33.92% mainstream according to the Mainstream-O-Meter on that works with your last.fm. Something must be wrong, its probably my Bowie stats squewing the damn data and having too much other stuff on vinyl. *sighs*


Other news...

just been to a conference in Lisbon, bloody marvellous

just been accepted to present at a conference in Dublin, super

Little man going to be one at end of month, bleeding hell where did that go

Off to the Spa on friday, Hurrah!

/end news
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The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
05 March 2007 @ 11:10 am
Seems I turn around and another month has passed, time is really flying away with me at the moment. I suppose its to be expected, what with getting up before the little man, getting all his stuff together for nursery, getting myself ready, walking to the station, train, bus, work, possibly a lunch, train home, walk back to house, get car, get little one from nursery, play for a bit, give little man his tea, play some more, get him ready for bed, husband bathes little one, prepare dinner, baby goes to bed, eat, watch a bit of telly, bed.

And this is 5 days a week. Hard work but worth every minute! Its still good being back at work, i'm still very busy, i guess thats the legacy when you arent replaced for your mat leave, but its good. We are fully booked schools wise until may. its super, victims of our own success!

On a personal note, we have been to S&R's wedding this weekend just gone, wonderful day, excellent food, friendly guests and gin. What more could a girl ask for?

Off to Belfast soon to see the family, they have yet to see the little man and so they are looking forward to it. I just hope it doesnt rain all the time!

Speaking of rain, the heavens just opened here. Its nice living near the river, but when it rains it pours....
The slightly off kilter world of aetheria heaven
18 January 2007 @ 12:44 pm
Bloody hell its windy out there, I almost got blown down the stairs at Oxford Rd station this am! Bonkers. Anyway, been back at work almost two weeks now and Im not sure I like this commuting by train lark. Firstly, its damned expensive for what is quite frankly a piss poor service. I stand from my local station, I stand at my connecting station, I fight to get on the train that will take me to my destination station and pray to god that I dont get pushed off. Its horrible, it makes you feel like cattle. The number of people they squeeze on trains, if there was ever a serious accident lots of people could be really hurt.

Having said that, it IS easier than leaving far too bloody early in the car. I can just about get home in time to collect the little man from nursery. He loves it, all those babies, he is into everything. He is now a very proficient crawler and is now pulling himself up on things and trying to walk. He can edge along the sofa holding on for dear life and he isnt even 7 months old yet! Plus I think he is teething again, we already have 4!

So being back at work is nice, honestly. I feel like I have the old me back. Of course I am forty times busier than ever now, which is good and its great to get my teeth into something substantial straight away.

Anyway, having said that, best get some lunch before time runs away with me!